Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

While you're here...please help me name them!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Need Help With Names Please!!

No, we're not having another set of twins...sorry if you just spit your drink on your computer screen. Heh. Take a minute and wipe it off, and when you're me name these puppies, please!

They're 3 weeks old and no, we're not keeping them. We're finding them loving homes. They are Jack Russell Terriers. The last litter we named after spices...Cinnamon, Clover, Sugar, Pepper, Chili, and Dill. I think it would be cute to choose a theme for the group. What do you think??!? FYI...There are 5 females n 1 male (he's pictured last).

Ideas for names please!!?!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes!

July 27, 2007 the Twinkeys were one week old. These are the pics I took of them, as they rested peacefully in a shared crib, sleeping 18+ hours/day, and drifted back to dreamland with tummies full of formula...
Those peaceful Twinkeys turned ONE YEAR OLD on July 20th. We held their party July 27th, 2008. They're still phenomenal sleepers, 12 hours at night plus a couple naps during the day. Their tastes (and looks) however have definitely changed...

They do loooove them some chocolate! I have NO idea where they inherited that from...*clears throat*

And though things around here are a little (okay, A LOT) less peaceful, I love my Twinkeys and cannot believe they are ONE YEAR OLD!
Chocolate-covered favorite kind! :o)

Hello Old(ish) Friend

It's great to see you all. And it's been waaaaay too long. No, I haven't been sick, no one in my fam is dying (that we know of! Please hold while I go knock on wood!), we didn't take a luxurious vacation to a tropical island (which we all know I TOTALLY deserve...hehe), or even a short trip cross-country. Lightning didn't strike our cable lines, and I've been paying the bill (I swear!). I've just been sorta busy living life.

...and cleaning up after monkeys, and feeding them, and changing them, and refereeing their battles over toys, and applying sunscreen. :o)

I'm new to this blogging thang. I started 3/14/08 and have *sigh* only published 54 posts. I've met and kept in *comment* contact with some phenomenally great mothers. Or, at least, I did...before I went on leave. Heh. Many of you have popped in to check on me the past couple of months, and I was grateful to see there was someone thinking of me. I was feeling kind of lost, I guess...for lack of a better word. I just didn't want to be THAT blogging mom who griped about not feeling appreciated or like she wasn't doing enough. Ugh. Even now, I feel sorry for you having to read that last line. I'm okay. Sincerely great, actually. I have come to peace with my role as Mom of Many and am coming back to blogging with a renewed outlook and attitude.

I cannot wait to catch up and share some adventures with you all!! Thanks for having me back.