Sunday, March 21, 2010

2009...A Year in Review...

Some fun pics from the year I didn't blog...

Sledding parties...yes, this is the hood of a car being pulled by a snowmobile...that's how we roll!
What? I don't look badass? Even with the carseats behind me?!
The Twinkeys began outgrowing their highchairs...
And lost them this day, after I left them in their own highchairs to blowdry my hair...and returned to them in the same one:
We learned some great new habits...
And a few not-so-good ones:
Boy + mud = happy boy.
We participated in a local Empty Bowls Dinner, creating the bowls to be purchased for donations to the local food pantry.
A totally talented, wonderfully artistic, and did I mention modest person created this flower!
Some of us watched parades, as others marched or rode in them.

We had lots of pool fun!

These teeny little Twinkeys...
...turned into these Terrific 2 year olds!!
Popsicles and playdates were fun.
And I finally got a pic with MonkeyButt...NOT making a funny face!
We met our brand new baby cousin C. I imagine his thought bubble to say, "Wait. How many of you are there?!"
CuriousGeorge & MonkeyButt started at their brand new school...
...and then there were 3...
Until SpiderMonkey joined a 3yr old program :) Which he absolutely loves!
We tried a new park near the ocean...thank goodness for helpful big brothers, and paperbags for Mom to hyperventilate into.
The cast of Farmville joined us for Halloween...
as did Kate Gosselin.
We survived the first snow of the year...barely.
Does this boy not look like a garden gnome?!
We took a lesson from Mommy and snapped pics of ourselves...
I'll need to let him know to tidy up the background next time :)
And of course, a group pic at Christmas.
We're looking forward to a sharing a new year!...once I get a new camera cuz the other one is currently held together with apple juice :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

World's Largest Nerf Party for Mason

Mason is celebrating his defeat of cancer by having The World's Largest Nerf Party! (Friday, March 19th), Kristen is hosting a virtual party, so please go here to link picture(s) of your kids, neighbor's, friends or yourself nerfin' it up! We did!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 'o the Mornin' to ya!!!

CuriousGeorge (age7) came downstairs wide-eyed this morning:
"MOM! Do you know what Phoebe told me?! She said if you wear green today,
you get a kiss (with the girls-have-cooties face);
and if you don't, you get a pinch."
I giggled as I shielded my eyes from the blazing orange outfit he was wearing.
After explaining the higher probability of getting pinched by all the boys in his class,
he came out of his closet in head-to-toe camo.

MonkeyButt (age 9) was then reminded and was on the hunt for some green.
It was close to bus time so I entered his closet, threw him a pair of jeans,
some (coincidently) green underwear, and a blue shirt with green letters on it.
"That's not green!"
"Bud, you don't have to have a green shirt, just something with green on it."
"But what if one of the guys comes up behind me and pinches me cuz I have a blue shirt on."
"Well, (not my proudest parenting moment) pinch 'em back! And if they don't think it's enough green, you could always pull your pants down."
Picturing that phone call from the principal, I added the fine print: "That was not me giving you permission to pull your pants down, by the way!"

Mom: "Happy St. Patrick's Day, SpiderMonkey!"
SpiderMonkey (age 3): "It's Patrick's Day?!! Is he gonna be at my school?!"