Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Appropriate...and WW pics

I just realized we had a mini monkey theme in our halloween costumes this year...*snicker* How appropriate, eh? SpiderMonkey and MonkeyDo were...monkeys (duh!), and MonkeySee was a banana.

Playing at Nana's, pre- TOT

Taking a break while Trick-or-Treating

The car ride home...sockless and sticky with pop tarts...mmmm.

And CuriousGeorge and MonkeyButt were obviously not into the whole monkey theme this year. For Trick-or-Treating and parties, they were Yoda and Darth Vader...and for the Cub Scout pack meeting, they were Thing 1 and Thing 2 as book characters.

Cellular Phone Commercials, much?

KingKong had the older two boys outside kicking the soccer ball around. CuriousGeorge was blindsided by a groin shot from his dad. He was not impressed. CuriousGeorge to KingKong...

"That's it. You are SO outta my Top 5."