Saturday, April 11, 2009

SpiderMonkey & Mommy at Playhouse Disney LIVE!

For some alone time, I took SpiderMonkey to see Playhouse Disney LIVE! on stage. We signed up for alerts from Ticketmaster and got to use a code to purchase tickets early, and we had floor seats, Row G, so only like 25-30 feet from the stage.

The show was amazing!!! Most of the Playhouse Disney characters were there. We've been to Dora before, and also Bear in the Big Blue House, but this one far...MY favorite! I wouldn't change a thing...well, except that I love Mr. Lopart's cat (who wasn't there, I don't think) and there was no interaction with any other major Handy Manny characters, like his grampa and Kelly, but they were up there dancing around. So cute!!! If you get the chance to go see it, you definitely should!!!

Here is a Smilebox of our little adventure. Have you made a smilebox yet? They're sooo easy, free and fun to do!!! You can get more music options and print them off if you choose to purchase a membership, but you can still email, blog, and save them to limited music options if you choose. I even put this one of facebook...LOVE IT!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--They Look So Innocent, Don't They?!

They look so innocent, don't they?

Look at all those monkey ears as they watch the puppies play out back.
Yes, innocent indeed...
Until you ZOOM OUT!


Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm not all American Idol all.the.time...

I'm not all American Idol all the time, really, I'm NOT! It's just this thing I'm doing to avoid laundry and dishes right now. It's fun, and it takes up two nights a week I could be going to the gym, but can't cuz I'm so busy blogging Idol (not that I make it any of the other five nights...), but my days are filled with raising my five boys, wiping noses, butts, counters, and tears and trying to climb the mountain range that is forming in my laundry area and bathroom and bedroom, oh, and closet. I have my days when I veg and don't get much done except refill sippy cups, change diapers and pick up the same messes over and over and over again.
I no longer watch live TV. I can't stand commercials! I am in love with my DVR, which is at 99% almost daily, and enjoy my "me" time when all the monkeys are asleep and I can fast-forward through a week's worth of Guiding Light in a little over an hour.
Life is crazy, totally messy, VERY LOUD, and full of hugs and tears...and pen!ses. I love it, and I'm resolving to capture more of it through blogging. I've started filling a google reader, so if you happen to stumble on this and want me to add you, please leave a comment :o)

Don't worry Mandy, I've already got ya! ;o)