Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Dear Summer,
Please hurry up and get here!
My Washer and Dryer

Monday, March 23, 2009

My (Many) Men

I prefer candid pics to posed, but Olan Mills had a $15 deal, so I thought what the heck. I went there without ANY hopes of getting a pic of them all smiling, let alone looking at the camera! It only took 30 seconds to get this one! :-O

MonkeyButt, age 8 and CuriousGeorge, age 6

SpiderMonkey, age 2.5

MonkeySee and MonkeyDo, age 1.5

Sunday, March 8, 2009

There's Something I Never Thought I'd Say To My 2yr Old!

There's something I never thought I'd say to my 2yr old:

"Stop milking the dog!!!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SPOILER: The Bachelor Rant!

Don't read if u haven't watched or don't care lmao...and if u are about to watch, just skip to After The Final'll see the whole 2 hours in 90 seconds neway!!!

I started painting tonight while watching the Bachelor Finale but got to the 2nd Seattle visit and couldn't wait another 85 minutes to see who Jason chose (and more much they cried!) so I blew my DVR a kiss and clicked to the After the Final Rose episode. And that's where the "are you freaking kidding me?!" comes in.

I've always said he was gonna pick Melissa, but to turn around and "break up with" her on TV was just mean! And for her to sit there and take it like that...she didn't even take a swing at him?! Come ON!... And then Chris Harrison baited Molli, asking her, what would u say if Jason told u he changed his mind. Way to play hard to get, girrrrrrrrrl! *NOT* She knew...she had to know...that was not shock on her face at all!!! (and what did she do, go get some facial injections after seeing her face on TV this many months?!)

So, I've set the DVR for Jimmy Kimmel and will have to go set it for GMA cuz I'm sure they'll be on there... but really, there's nothing left of interest to tell us...unless u wanna get down to the juicy details of what has been going on these past few months...and what Jason told Molli happened between him and Melissa after the taping! Basically, we now can predict the outcome of every Bachelor/Bachelorette from here on out...they'll pick one of the finalists, give her a test drive (if u kwim!) for 6 weeks and then "change their mind" right before the After The Final Rose show.

I think one day Ty will be sent home from his 10th grade english class with a failed paper, with a big fat red-inked note to his father cuz the teacher was a fan of the show and Melissa's, way back when. Jason's such a big fat crybaby! It's cute and even a lil sexy to cry when ur baby's born, or to tear up when talking about your child or u just got ur heart broken...but that man's been balling like a sissy for weeks!!! *sigh*

There'll prolly be tons of interviews coming up...maybe tomorrow night (After, part 2) Molli will come back and say, "nah, it didn't work out...he cries too much." {Evil laughter}

But you know where the REAL GOOD interview lies????! With the FORMER Mrs. Jason Mesnick...Ty's bio mom...someone who's 'been there, done that!' and here's why I left it. That would be some goooooooooood TV! Now I gotta go email Barbara Walters and pitch my idea to her! LOL jk...I think...

And in case you're wondering...I agree I watch too much TV, <3 my DVR more than words can describe, and take my "reality" shows a little too seriously...I'll blame it on the paint fumes! Ha!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Another snow day on the books for New am I supposed to get anything done around here when I'm so busy refereeing baby/kid wrestling matches?! I've already taken 4 excedrin and now I'm enjoying a breakfast of coffee and chocolate chip cookies, so if I'm rolling on the floor convulsing, it's prolly not a seizure, just all the caffeine in my system, m'kay?

I've been doing a lot of wallpapering, painting and re-wallpapering (dayum kids! lol) around here...I guess it's my own version of spring-cleaning cuz gawd knows I'm avoiding those closets like the plague!

But of course, with so many kids around, my "working hours" to paint/paper are from 9:30 pm to 3:00 am...I've been meeting KingKong on his way to the shower many mornings... :o(

And yes, I've been blogging IDOL...sorry to bombard your readers with the posts if you don't watch! I'm doing it for one of the local radio stations, so I thought I'd post them here, also!

The Twinkeys were supposed to have a speech eval today, but of course, snow day = canceled...but that's ok, cuz I wanted to paint one more area before they came and I suppose I should tackle some laundry! The Twinks understand everything, but resort to their own little twin "language" entirely too often...while I think it is freakin a.dor.a.ble when they use their gibberish, and we can pretty much understand what they say/want cuz they use different syllables/sounds for things (like if MonkeyDo is pissed at you, you will know cuz it's the same 5 syllables over and over again and he is pointing at you for emphasis! LOL), I really don't want them to be saying "duh dit doo duh duh duh" for "Get me more milk, woman!" when they are 15 yrs old, kwim? ...either that, or we're gonna have to move to asia hehehe...joking!

Anyhow, I'm hoping to get some blog reading in today...but prolly not if these monkeys have anything to say about it!