Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Is It...

...every time I try to sit down and blog, someone spills something or needs a nap or is about to get up from a nap or requires a diaper change? I have some posts floating around in the abyss that is my brain...but naptime's almost over and I've got to find and wash soccer jerseys and matching socks, because we wouldn't want to be uncool playing soccer in one white sock and one black one, now would we? Noooooooooooooo. *sigh*

I'll do this one real quick...

I am… avoiding doing the laundry.
I want… a maid to do it...and she can bring her twin sister that is a chef/dishwasher
I wish… I hadn't deleted the PCHWinningWays email without reading it, they could be on the way to give me my big check and I have nothing to wear.
I hate… that money makes the world go 'round and I never seem to have enough.
I miss… my dad. We need to plan a trip soon!
I fear… something bad happening to loved ones.
I feel… hungry.
I hear… Tigger on TV and SpiderMonkey counting the change that was in my pocket.
I smell… white grape/raspberry juice that he just plopped on my chest and asked me to pour.
I crave…Chinese food, Baaaaad! Hmmm, maybe I'll bring some home after the gym tonight...nah, I'll just skip lunch and engorge myself on the way to the gym. Noone has to know, but me, right?
I really...can't wait to get back to the gym tonight, it's been a few days.
I search…for friends on Myspace...I'm kind of a's an addiction!
I wonder…if Chuck is on tonight, and if my DVR is set to record it.
I regret…not going to the gym Thursday, but KingKong was feeling a little neglected.
I love…my husband and all our awesome children.
I care…too much about what others think of me, sometimes.
I ache…nowhere, which means I haven't been to the gym recently. I get it! I'm going! Enough already! Stop hounding me!
I dance…in public only when I'm suuuuuper smashed. In private, I dance with SpiderMonkey, MonkeySee, and MonkeyDo often.
I sing…pretty well, but I'm no American Idol!
I cry…EVERY time I watch "A Baby Story" on TLC. Every.Damn.Time.
I don’t always…do the dishes after every meal.
I fight…the urge to eat chocolate for for lunch everyday.
I write…on my blog and no one knows...just YOU!
I never…want to fail my children.
I listen…to my ipod while I'm tanning.
I need…to figure out why my cd burner isn't working ever since I downloaded itunes.
I am happy…my family is healthy (with the exception of a few too many runny noses)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner Ideas Please! :o)

I'm watching the Emmys and trying to menu-plan right now, but its just making me H.U.N.G.R.Y.!!! I think KingKong bought Twinkies today. How about I go eat those and you tell me your family's fav dinners? I'm sick of spaghetti!! <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

1st day of school 2008.
I said put your arm around him and atleast act like you like each other. Hmpf.

1st Day of School Pics, 3 weeks later :o)

It's the 3rd week of school here and all I can say is Amen for the teachers who take our kids off our hands all day so we may read our blogs in peace who educate the youth of this wonderful country. And the busdrivers who wrangle them pick them up and transport them to and from school. The first year MonkeyButt was in Kindergarten a couple years ago (my first of the five to go to school), he wanted me to bring him to/from school and I didn't mind because I didn't want my TINY 65 pound 5.5 yr old going on that big yellow deathtrap.

Then, the 2nd week of school came that year, and he decided he wanted to ride with the big boys. Ummm, ooooookay. So, I set it up. I told his teacher what bus to put him on and to please make sure he gets a reminder, as they'd be outside at recess when the bus is called to line up. And then, at 3:25pm, I parked in my car near the playground and watched.

I watched him play happily in the sandbox, I watched his bus pull up, I watched as the other kids who live on our road ran to line up when the bell rang, and I watched him continue to play with the children who didn't need to line up yet, as they're bus is the last to leave. I watched our neighbors get on the bus and watched the bus drive away. THEN, I saw the duty teacher telling MonkeyButt that his worst fear had been realized...he missed the bus and was stranded at school. I saw my little boy cry, and I fought back my own tears as I raced around the building and met him in the office to rescue him take him home, after paying a little visit to his teacher. (Grrrr.) MonkeyButt swore never to ride the bus again and I was sentenced to transport his behind to and from school forever.

Well, that lasted all of a week. But this time, I asked one of the sweet little neighbor girls to make sure he got on with her, and I repeatedly stalked him at afternoon recess and followed the bus home for the next few days, because I'm THAT cool. ;op

Last year, MonkeyButt moved onto 1st grade and CuriousGeorge joined the Kindergarteners. They rode the bus from day one, which I thought was great, because they were one of the last ones on in the morning and one of the first ones off in the afternoon. About a month into school last year, though, they changed the bus route. My boys had to get on it at 7:45 instead of 8:40 and had to ride almost an hour in the morning before going to the school 4 miles away. I told them no more bus in the morning, but they insisted. We all got up earlier and I gave them their first breakfast of the day (they were starved by the time they arrived at school after riding so long...the school has a free breakfast program for all students).

This year, I was VERY happy to see the original schedule was posted in the Superintendent's mailing that came out in August, the schedule was printed that they were first on and last off. We didn't HAVE to be up until 8:00am, not 7:00am and I felt better knowing they wouldn't be on any of the loopy roads this winter...well, at 7:45am on the first day of school this year, as CuriousGeorge stood in the bathroom with his socks pulled up to his knees, undies, and toothpaste foaming from his mouth and MonkeyButt was outside feeding the puppies, I saw the bus go by our driveway!

I was looking out the window at that time thinking to myself, I wonder if they ever changed the schedule to reflect the new run. NOPE. So, I did what any kindhearted mother would do...I screamed and yelled like a crazed banchee and threw CuriousGeorge out the door with pants in hand. Juuuust kidding. I said, "No problem, children...Never fear, Supermom is here...and I'll just bring you to school today."

WELL, guess what Supermom did the previous day??!? Washed three car seats and two boosters, all of who's cloth materials were still in the dryer and who's belts, buckles, straps, etc. were sitting in a heap on my counter. Shit.

So I served breakfast, got the Twinkeys set up in their high chairs, bribed SpiderMonkey away from the puppies with a breakfast sandwich (which he probably just fed to them anyway) and set out to get the car seats put back together. The first bell rings at 8:40am, I started the seats at 7:50am, and had them put together (no manual needed...I rock! jk) and buckled into the car by 8:23am, had everyone strapped in by 8:32am and dropped the bigs off at the school with 2 minutes to spare...and it's a good thing they had that couple minutes, too, because you know I was THAT mom who dropped them off in my bathrobe and had parked as far from the door as possible! :o)

Here are some pics from them getting OFF the bus on the first day of school 2008, because they certainly didn't get ON one that morning, unless you count my car. heh.

Yes, that's a cowboy hat on the busdriver...guess he thinks he lives in the deep south,
not New England...lmao

CuriousGeorge, age 6, my big 1st Grader

MonkeyButt, age 7, he skipped up to 3rd grade this year
(but that's another post, I've kept you long enough today!)

I have one more picture, but I'm going to wait and use it for tomorrow's WW. See ya then!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look WHAT I Found! >:o(

You see it too, don't you? DON'T YOU??!? The glistening silver gray line between my ear and my camera. Mmhmm. *sigh* I haven't died my hair since I was 16 and the 'ole L'oreal Ash Blonde turned me Kraft Macaroni 'n Cheese Yellow-Orange! I had told King Kong that I'd probably start dying my hair again when I'm 30...but since that's still a few years away, I'm seriously reconsidering that statement!! For now, I'll just leave it where it is and hope it scares the others away. That's not really how it works though, is it. heh.