Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grilling Goodness (?s, not food)

I was catching up with UTMomof5's posts and decided to take part in Grilling Goodness... a weekly meme of random ?s created by Tina at Golden Goodness. If you decide to participate, she has a Mr. Linky up! What's better than someone else coming up with some material for you on a weekly basis? Chocolate, obviously...but this is good, too!!

1. The World Series has you watch it? (and do you care who wins?)
No, I don't watch it. I have in the past, when the Red Sox played, but usually only the final game of the series...just like I only watch the Super Bowl. That's the one that really matters, right?!

2. Is the inside of your car clean or 'garbage dump filthy'?
Ha. The inside of my car is more like 'garbage disposal' filthy...cuz most of it is petrified french fries food in small pieces.

3. Who is the next person in your family to have a birthday?
MonkeyBoy and MonkeyButt both have January birthdays...birthday "season" is Summer around here.

4. Do you wear glasses or contacts? (how old were you when it became necessary?)
Neither, although I prolly should.

5. What is your major form of exercise?
I recently signed up for a gym membership. *sigh* If only signing up and paying monthy took off the lbs! I try to go M, W, and F after KingKong gets home and the littles are in bed... emphasis on try.

6. What is something you could do to make your spouse's day easier today?
Eh, hem, let's just call it "stress relief," m'kay?

7. How much is gas where you are?
We hi-fived at $2.59 the other day. Although one of the stations south of here had it at $1.99 for a few hours as a promotion...too bad the news told us about it the day AFTER.

8. What the furthest away from home that you've ever traveled?
My dad was a truckdriver and when I was younger, I would pack up my homework and go on the road with him. I <3 San Antonio, TX.


My Goodness said...

1. I agree! :)
5. AMEN!
6. Ok, now that makes the day FUN, not easier! LOL
7. $2.33 is the lowest I've seen here...$1.99! I would think I was back in college!

Thank you so much for participating! Great to 'meet' you!

KATE said...

Those are all good ones! Seriously if the paying the gym fee did take off the damn lbs, I'd be tiny!!!

I love your "stress relief" answer! ha ha ha