Thursday, January 8, 2009

There's One I've Never Heard Before!

KingKong whines complains. Kind of a lot. He gets bummed that we never can do a lot together. It's either I run to the store alone, or he does, and dinner is always drive-thru take-out, and if we're out with the kids, usually one of us runs into Walmart to grab the bare essentials while the other sits in the car with the crazies kids.

I honestly can't remember a sitdown meal in a restaurant that we've had just as a family of 7-9 since this one. Last Sunday, KingKong shook me furiously while I pretended to sleep so he'd get up with the kids woke me up asking if I'd prefer breakfast sandwiches from the local grease mart or pack up everyone and go grab McDonald's breakfast (YUM!) and allow the kids to work off some energy in the playplace. Hmmmmm.

My immediate answer was to just send him to the local store...but KingKong got rather upset, thinking I was trying to avoid time with him...which, btw, I wasn't...It was the crazy looks from other people I was trying to avoid, while our children literally hung from the rafters, colorful tube slides, and nets...and all the frustrated crying (mostly by me ) when we tried to get them all back in the car in a timely manner...with *gasp* their shoes on.

But, I soon decided it was high time to give it another shot and after changing them out of the mismatch outfits their father picked out dressing all the boys, we were on our way...after all, we might as well tie in a pointless meandering trip to Marden's, the discount store who has everything and usually nothing you need. Sadly, when we pulled into the parking lot, the fire exit door of the playplace was boarded up and the metal joints were caved in. Evidently someone was in a hurry to get some mcnuggets and missed the drive thru!

The boys understood and in the spirit of eating out of a paper bag in the car less dining out together as a large family, we unloaded the crazies into McDonald's. Four #8s, one #2, some extra hashbrowns and a big breakfast later, we all dined together rather calmly and quietly. I was very pleased and proud of my little hoodlums.

And to add to the list of comments I've never heard before...A woman who was leaving passed by our table slowly and commented to my husband, "Wow, there's no denying those boys, huh?" Ummmmm, noooooo, but thanks for your input! LOL. I know she meant it sweetly...I think ;op


Mandy said...

My, my you are a brave soul! I hate to venture out with my 2 boys! I admire you. That post you referred to is one of the first posts I ever read of yours last year. I remember thinking that you must be an awesome mom to have control over your kids like that! :)

iheartchocolate said...

as a way to beat boredom, we go out as often as we can afford. After we sit down and fail to properly entertain the kids, we ask ourselves out loud why we do it to ourselves. Oh yeah, so I don't have to cook! We complain, with only two! That was my point. You are truly brave, glad it turned out well for you.