Friday, March 14, 2008

Damn Daylight Savings

Man, this time change is KICKing our monkey butts! Every morning this week, I've had to wake up CuriousGeorge and MonkeyButt, my (usually) early risers. Every morning, that is, except THIS morning.

Pre-time change, KingKong would awaken early for work, right around the time a Twinkey or two would wake for a pre-morning bottle before snoozing back 'til daylight. I'd then set the vibrate alarm on my cell phone with just enough time to get them off to school, tuck it under my pillow (as not to wake SpiderMonkey, nestled in his nearby crib, too early), and get a couple more hours sleep.

The Twinkeys must have hit their internal snooze buttons (trust me, I'm NOT complaining about our 8-month olds starting to sleep through the night, I just wish the buggers would've TOLD me to set the actual alarm clock!), because THIS morning I awoke to...the busdriver revving her engine at the top of the driveway, followed by MonkeyButt and CuriousGeorge tumbling down the stairs in their underwear in tears over missing the bus for the first time. Part of me wonders if some of those tears were because they thought I was going to race them to the front door yelling, "Run, Run, get on the bus, quick!" Who hasn't had a showing-up-at-school-in-only-underwear-dream, right? Panic!

I assured MonkeyButt and CuriousGeorge I'd bring them to school, grabbed them some yogurt with granola and toast for breakfast and set off to cram my normally leisurely 2 hour preptime--to get ALL the monkeys and myself washed and out the door--into the 42 minutes I had until school started. Ugh.

But not without a call to KingKong telling him what happened:

ME: Guess what woke me up this morning?...the bus!

KINGKONG (laughing): Doh! So I guess everyone's staying home today, huh? *Gasp* He underestimates my need for spending the day with the children who nap a few times, I mean, my need for getting my children the best education possible. Yeah, THAT's it. ;)

NOTE TO SELF: Ask KingKong to set alarm when he leaves!

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