Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today I wanted to... Wordless Wednesday and Amer!can Idol predictions, but couldn't decided which I wanted to do more, so I'm doing both. Thank you to BooMama for letting me join in!

Wordful Wednesday, with the pic I would've used if it was Wordless

Amer!can Idol

I told myself over and over that I wasn't going to do this on here, but AI top 10 or 12 started around the time I started this blog and I can't resist.

Ramiele...sang really well, but she's so young. Her whole critique from the judges and interview with Ryan is spent sticking her little baby lower lip out. HATE that! And did she really say her "voice went bye-bye" or was that my 19month old toddler??!? She has an awesome voice on the ballad-y songs, but her weird shoulder shaking performance last week with the upbeat song was horrendous! Her innocent thing, though, is getting annoying. I think America might finally be fed up, too.

Syesha...always sings good. She has a HUGE voice. KingKong HATES the 'fro. I think it has to do with her personality, but her straightened hair was fun, too. Can I please ask what the hell she and Ramiele are saying? "Oh low" or something. Have you heard it? It was in the interview clip two weeks ago, and then Syesha said it when they announced her parents before she sang last week AND when she hugged Ramiele at the results show last week, and then she started to say it again when Simon criticized her last night. Am I the only one hearing this??

Carly...Something was wrong, you could see it in her eyes. She really didn't connect with the song/audience. And the interview. WTF?? Ryan asked her if anything was wrong and her reply was, "Well, I just ran into the bathroom before and came out..." *crickets chirping* KingKong thinks that last note at the end where she squatted down was her trying to help the bathroom situation progress. Anyhow, I think she did okay with the song and has done well all along, so will probably still be here next week, but her mama needs to give her a call and remind her to "pee before you go!"

Castro...I don't get it. I mean, I thought I did in earlier weeks. He sortof has this John Travolta baby face thing happening (me-ow), but WHAT.A.DUB! And that hair. I know it does it for some of you ladies, but that happens because he doesn't wash it right? ew. It's the same 'ole thing EVERY week. He plays the guitar and sings a lameass sing-songy tune. I could picture him with Kermit the Frog doing that Rainbow song, or It's Not Easy Being Green. He needs to step it up and get a new act!

Chicezie...You know, I never liked him. at.all. But then he broke out in that big song two weeks ago and in the words of Simon, "I Lllllloved it." I thought last week was kewl, too, but he went from rocking out with a banjo to working the harmonica. But last night wasn't that good. And I REALLY wanted him to do well after the other two weeks, but it didn't work. He's too Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to pull of the showtune-y songs.

Archuleta...I think it was finally an upbeat song that he did kind of okay with, you know, because he remembered the lyrics. I don't think anyone in THIS country has ever heard it before, but it definitely was not a chart topper. It had a sort of Christian Rock vibe to it, if you like that kind of thing. I think he needs to stop letting his mom & dad choose the songs for him. And wear lip balm, cause that lip-licking thing is getting disturbing. I don't know if he really impressed America picking that song this week.

Brooke...I really like her. Paula was right when she said you just hear one of her notes and you can tell it's Brooke singing. Unlike most songs nowadays where you have to get to the chorus to figure out if it's Rh!anna or the Pussyca+ dolls. You know it's Brooke singing. But I'm afraid that all her concerts would just be looking at her side the whole time cause she's in front of a piano, or a guitar. Did you know she already has an amateur video out?

Michael...He rocked the house 'dawg! I love the "er" in his big voice. If you don't know what I'm saying, think Cheetoh's Brand Cheetah going "aye, aye, aye" in those commercials, or make a long sound and karate chop your throat over and over, that'll get you the "er" I'm talking about. He'll be around next week, as long as he keeps that hairy belly tucked into his shirt...a girl's gotta keep something to her imagination, you know. ;o)

Kristy...Awesome song choice. It really fit her voice, I just wish she'd go bigger with the notes...she could do it! It was country without going overboard and I really wanted her to do well this week, much to KingKong's dismay. Let's just say, she's not his cup 'o tea. I think choosing that song will keep her around, so hopefully we can see bigger things from her next week.

Cook...Rocked it! Thank gawd he did not try to do Michael's choice of songs, that just would've been a rocker trying toooooo hard to be rock. He really picks and arranges the songs awesomely and he should win the whole shebang. He's been the MOST consistant of everyone, and finally, he's shining.

My Bottom Three Prediction: 1-Chicezie, 2-Carly, and 3-Ramiele

Chicezie gots to go.

I hope America leaves Kristy alone this week, I know she can't win, but I'd like to see what she can do over the next coupla weeks.


KATE said...

Oh my word I love that picture of those sweet twinkeys! They are adorable!!
Thanks for the recap on Idol, pretty damn good predictions too!!

Webb Family said...

I love Idol! Your predictions are very much like mine.

Mandy said...

The Twinkeys are too cute! Great picture. I have not gotten into AI this year. Not really sure why....

And yes, those were flip flops you saw in one of our Easter pictures! It's a balmy 75 degrees today. JEALOUS???? :) As much as I love Pennsylvania, my native state, I do not miss the winters at all. Have a great day!

We are THAT family said...

Your predictions are good! And those babies, I just want to sniff their necks!

justmylife said...

The Twinkeys are so cute. Love the picture.

We are THAT family said...

Just had to comment on your comments yesterday! You are a scream and you made me laugh out loud more than once! Thanks for visiting.

Christie said...

Kristy did make an awesome song choice. In the midst of a war there isn't a judge secure enough in himself to put that song down. And while I have heard it done better, she did do a decent job with it. I also like Brooke. Until recently Cook's hair bothered me so much I couldn't get past it to even listen to the music but he got my attention this week. Oh, and that little boy singer with the baby face - he is beginning to think to highly of himself. c

utmomof5 said...

How cute is that picture!!! I have a hard time with wordless wednesday. I just can't be wordless about anything. :)

I love Brooke!!!! Shre has the coolest voice. I have never watched Idol before buthtis year there is nothing else on so I got hooked.

Thanks for the comment on my blog--I will be beack to read more!

Anna said...

OMG! I think I just felt an egg drop looking at those sweet babies! You sure do make cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Super cute Twinkeys!! Mine are 17mos now and we were surprised at 21.5 wks with the U/S. Great birth stories further down. Love your blog! :o)

COMamabear (

Kelly said...

I'm a huge American Idol fan. David Cook is my favorite--I love every song he does and he's easy on the eyes! ;)