Monday, March 17, 2008

I think we're "in"

KingKong came home from work midday Saturday to attend CuriousGeorge's friend's (BarbieGirl) bday party with us. Why would a husband/father MISS work just for a Kindergartener's birthday party, you ask? Because I. SAID. SO.

I've been to their neighbor's son's (SuperBoy) bday party in December. I brought CuriousGeorge and stayed to be sure he was playing nicely with his new friends. And I fell in LIKE with BarbieGirl's parents and SuperBoy's parents.

SuperBoy and family have lived in town for 5 or 6 years, unbeknownst to us. BarbieGirl and family just moved up in August. Both families are fun and the conversation flowed nicely at SuperBoy's party back in December, and I was bummed that KingKong was not there with me, because even on my most witty and charming day, I do not hold a flame to KingKong.

So, upon receiving BarbieGirl's invitation (and hearing she only gave one to CuriousGeorge and SuperBoy), I set up a sitter for the Twinkeys, threatened KingKong with bodily harm if he would not attend, and RSVP'd, trying to contain my excitement over being able to interact with people who don't drool.

The party went very well. The kids all played wonderfully together. The husbands talked about the wives and the wives reciprocated. It was fun.

So, ya, I think we're "in." We've been invited to Game Night (husbands vs. wives) and Mommy Tea Time. Woo Hoo! I just hope "tea" is, like, codeword for "shots."

NOTE TO SELF: Bring actual tea bags, just in case.

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