Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love that AIM

These aren't our real screennames (I know, you're shocked). MonkeyUumpa is my kids' grandpa.

MonkeyUumpa(3:37:59 PM): what r u doing?

LadyKong(3:41:33 PM): reading mom blogs; waiting for the boys to get off the bus; thinking about going to get SpiderMonkey up from his nap, but too lazy to get him unless I'm going down to unlock the door for the boys getting off the bus; typing to you; trying to remember where I put the thermometer so I can check TwinkeyB's temp again; waiting for one of the Twinkeys to cry because they can see me typing and they want to be typing too, so that I can scoop him up and put him in the tub first; and wishing that I'd folded laundry today so I would know where I can get a clean towel for said bath. You know, nothing much. u?

MonkeyUumpa(3:44:02 PM): nothing indeed..where did you leave the thermometer? I HOPE it wasn't a rectal....you better go check!

LadyKong(3:44:18 PM): ROFLMAO


Jennifer said...

Oh, yes -- the usual "nothing much" for a mom. Which actually means juggling 5 things all at once.

Hope you, um, found that thermometer. *grin*

Mandy said...

I am still laughing.

We are THAT family said...

Hilarious! AND, you really got me with the whole screen name thing-you guys aren't really named Monkeysomethingornother? Wow.

.:| Melissa |:. said...

" I HOPE it wasn't a rectal....you better go check!" This gave me the giggles!

KATE said...

Yeah, that would be a bitch if THATs where the thermometer was left! yikes!!