Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Macaroni again?

You know, for someone who stays home with babies all day--babies who nap--I really should be able to prepare some amazing meals. Do I? Nope. Could I? Probably. If I had any desire to. But, I don't.

Thank gawd for school lunch (they've changed to all wheat products this year so I'm feeling less guilty about it), and Easy Mac'n'Cheese. But even SpiderMonkey's getting sick of that lately. I found this one day after he brought me his empty bowl, announcing "Dawn (gone)."

And when KingKong comes home after work, SpiderMonkey runs to greet him, "Daaaaddddyyyyy, home. Dizza (pizza)?" And when he turns the corner, he cries when he doesn't see his friend, the large white box holding greasy pepperoni slices. Yum. Anyhow, I've decided I really need to step it up a bit. Okay, A LOT.

I've done the whole menu plan before. It does work. A couple weeks before the Twinkeys came, I planned three months worth of meals and bought the first three and a half weeks worth of groceries for around ninety dollars. You can definitely save money that way. But it gets old. Not the food, but the process. Booooooring.

A lot of Moms do the Crock Pot thing. I had a Crock Pot once. That's how many times I used it. That was an experience...and another Pizza night, if I remember correctly. *sigh*


We are THAT Family said...

Don't feel bad! Most of my dinners look like your picture. I just can't be good at everything, ya know?

THopgood said...

I HATE cooking! With a capital H!I'm a SAHM and feel like I SHOULD cook a meal...and I'm a dego and so I feel I SHOULD love to cook. I mean I come from a long line of "cooking is my hobby" Italians. But I don't...it's usually pizza, chicken nuggets, canned soup, sandwiches, or my favorite...eggs! Eggs I can do!

Anna said...

Hey...mac-n-cheese covers a few food groups! ;-)

I've been using a lot of the recipes that Chris posts over at Ordering Disorder...she's got 7 kids, so her recipes are always enough to feed a houseful. We have made almost all of them and haven't come across a yucky dinner yet!


Yummy stuff!

Mandy said...

It's hard to cook for children who don't eat it! It doesn't help that I have NO desire to be Betty Crocker. My poor Italian grandmother is rolling over in her grave. Sorry Granny!!

KATE said...

I have tons of kid friendly & mom & dad friendly recipes! I love to share too!
I have to admit I LOVE the crockpot! I love putting it in & not worrying about it!
I have a recipe blog where we can share ideas. They aren't just from me other blog moms email them to me. Check it out, maybe it will help with the menu making plan...


There is also a link from my blog to it.
Good Luck!