Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zoom Zoom

Since CuriousGeorge conquered trusting the life jacket, he's gotten a little braver. Just yesterday, he decided--finally--to ditch the training wheels. KingKong wrenched them off and showed him how to push off while MonkeyButt and I cheered him on.

Well, CuriousGeorge is a funny little one. Quite opinionated at times, and he likes what.he.likes. So, on his second pass down the driveway, I held my breath as CuriousGeorge's bike came to an abrupt halt. Oh, no, I thought, did he hate it? Were we cheering him on too loudly? He wants the wheels back on, right? Damn. Atleast he gave it a try.

He jumped to the side, appearing to throw down the bike. CuriousGeorge turned towards us and I waited for the fireworks. Which never came.

That little bugger put one hand on his stomach and one behind his back and he took a bow!!?!


Mandy said...

Nice! Don't you love kids? They are hilarious. Makes the bad times not so bad. :)

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, that is so cute. They catch on fast, don't they?

Btw, I must say you win the funniest comment award from yesterday. My heart just swelled when I read that the Heimlich voids the Super Glue. THANKS! I needed that.

justmylife said...

Kids are cute. It is what keeps us from killing them! hehe!