Monday, April 7, 2008

You Know Who You Are

On the way home yesterday, CuriousGeorge had to "go." That is one awesomely convenient thing about having all boys...being able to just pull over and whip it out and be back on the road in seconds vs. having to frantically search for a restroom if we had a small child who couldn't pee standing up.

So, I asked KingKong, the trucker, should I pull over now or get off this next exit. He instructed me to take the second exit, that there was a parking lot we could swing into after the toll.

I pulled into the lot and searched for a spot. The only one large enough and not facing oncoming traffic (no need to put on a show ;o) ) was next to a white extended cab truck. I pulled into the spot and instead of putting the car in Park and letting CuriousGeorge go about his business, I quickly maneuvered to Reverse, giggling.

To the couple that we, um, interrupted yesterday (you know who you are), sorry. But, might I suggest utilizing the "extended" portion of your truck for such know...the part with TINTED windows??!? Just sayin'

KingKong, as we departed CuriousGeorge's newly formed river on the OTHER side of the parking lot, jealously said, "I know the sign says 'Park & Ride,' but come'on!"


Heather J. said...

you got to pee and got a show...all for free!

Mandy said...

Good grief! That's funny. What excitement!

Anonymous said...

ha! ha!

Sabrina said...

Yikes that is too much! I would have been laughin and gaggin! lol!!

justmylife said...

Somebody stole my comment....Pee and a show for free! Too funny.

The Apron Queen said...

I'm sorry. We should have used the tinted area of the truck. :D

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