Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank you Buddy Light for curing the King!

Well, MonkeyButt and CuriousGeorge are home. They returned laaaaaaate Sunday night and were not thrilled so happy to return to school the next morning. I'm still awaiting pics from the Nana...

I think it might actually reach 51 degrees here today. Woohoo.

Our date night Saturday was fun...sort of. See, I've been on the hunt for a new Chinese food restaurant ever since the one I've been going to since I could say "Poo Poo for 2" closed down. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. They had the best duck sauce. It was dark and apple-saucy. Not watered down and vinegary. And I don't even know if those are the actual ingredients in duck sauce or not, but I enjoy the thick, sweet flavor. *sigh* I've been calling their number everyday for like three months in hopes that they were just renovating or something. Man, I wish that was a joke. They finally disconnected the number last week. :o(

And it's not like there isn't a new one on every corner, but it's all about the Duck Sauce for me. I like me some chicken fingers, beef teriyaki, spare ribs, crab rangoons, and occasionally some rice with lots 'o duck sauce. I don't go for the mushy stuff like Moo Shoo whatever or Cum Sum Yung Gai...ew. Want to know what KingKong eats for chinese food? Chicken Fingers and Beef (don't you be ordering him no Pork!) Fried Rice...with A1 allllllllllll over it. A-fuhreaking-1. ick. He says it kills the taste. Ya think?

So, that's where we went to eat for date night Saturday. A new chinese restaurant and I.Found.IT! My duck sauce. It was sooooo good. KingKong had to leave to go buy some A1 at Hannaford (our old restaurant carried it and I didn't put any in my purse before we left home. What was I thinking??!?) We left way too full and moved onto our next destination: clothes shopping for mom without kids crawling under dressing room doors or commenting on my undergarments. Every girl's dream.

My shopping was brief, however, as KingKong had, um, issues with his tissues. It could've just been the chinese in general (happens to the best of us), or the beef rice that he had and I didn't, or the 3/4 of a huge bottle of A1, but he had to go, NOW. I'm sure you're day is better just knowing that.

Anyhow, our third destination (or seventh, if you include the gas station pitstops for KK) of the evening was a surprise bday party for one of the fellow truckers at a sports bar. Now, why didn't we just go home, you ask? Because I'm a horrible mother who was down 2/5 of her monkeys and couldn't wait to get plastered for the second night in a row. NOT. It's because I've been thinking about having a surprise party for KK sometime and if I'd like more than just a bunch of our mini-me's running around, we gotta put in some face time, you know?

So after another Irving's pit stop, followed by a run into a Burger King restroom, we went into the bar, both of us with clenched cheeks...me trying to make mine appear smaller and him, well, you know. Anyway, the plan was to grab a beer and tell them the sitter called 'cause one of the Twinkeys was sick and we had to go. Next thing I knew, KK flagged the waitress for another beer and went up to play pool. He was cured! All thanks to our pal Bud Light, apparently. We ended up having fun and I enjoyed hanging out with the wife of the bday trucker and her friends. Which is great, because I'm all about making new friends and finding myself again. I've been pretty lost inside my head here for awhile! It'll be fun to be me again, as long as I stop doing these things.

Also, I don't know why/if this is going to be a recurring theme around these parts, or if I'm getting Punk'd, but we got another show. Who the heck does that in the men's room when there's a perfectly cleaner women's room right next door? does that? Ew, again. ;o)

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justmylife said...

Bathroom runs without kids, now that is new. Bud Light will cure a man of all that ails him, I think some guy studied it. Glad you had fun and met a few new friends.