Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Made It...

...through our day trip to MonkeyUumpa's Sunday. We all survived, despite a near drowning, a little heimlich maneuvering, and some slight head trauma. Par for the course around here, I'm afraid.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But SpiderMonkey did miss a step in the pool and swallowed some water just before CuriousGeorge choked on some hard candy and right after TwinkeyA leaned back and smacked his head on the table. Ooh, and we can't forget about the free show! There goes my Mother-of-the-Year award.

So I thought I'd include some pics to show how crazy we are how much stuff we brought and the Brady Bunch-ness of the pool we are freighted and ready to hit the road at 6:45am:

We arrived at 9:30am and the Monkeys were pruned within minutes of our arrival:

MonkeyButt enjoyed his new mask and snorkel. He swam the length of the pool and with every turn we could hear him yell "Retreat, retreat!" out his snorkel. Quite an imagination, that one!

CuriousGeorge reached a big milestone this weekend. In all his 5 1/2 years he has never, not even for one minute, trusted his lifejacket to help him float. Thankfully He finally does, and had a much better time floating through the middle than trudging along holding onto the sides. By the end of the day, he was even laying on his belly kicking his feet and paddling the length of the pool. Woohoo! He said, "Mommy, call the news people and tell them I can swim now!" Oh, and he found a new way to wear the float:

SpiderMonkey floated with KingKong nearby. And he had every last thing that would float in the pool. We'd scoop them out and he'd throw them right back in, screeching and giggling everytime. (Sorry the pics are dark):

The Twinkeys hung out at on the bar. Here you can see the yellow vinyl and clapboard walls. Retro! At the bottom of the bar you can see the beginning of the green faux grass carpet that covers every inch of the floor:

Did you see where the Disco ball is hung in SpiderMonkey's pic above? Just over the pool stairs, next to one of the tacky unique light fixtures:

It's a really fun place to hang out with evidenced by the cannonball splash provided by MonkeyButt and MonkeyUumpa. Thanks for the shower guys!

Now, I am teasing about the Brady Bunch-ness of the pool area. I absolutely love it all. The green flooring beats the heck outta kids running on slippery tile any day! I even like the light fixtures and the disco ball rocks!!

We got fast food for dinner on the way home and got back just before 10:00pm after hitting Walmart for some lunch supplies for the week. We were all tuckered out and happy to be home.

The laundry is done, just in time to pack the bigs up for an overnight in Montreal with MonkeyNana and MonkeyPapa to see MonkeyAunt and MonkeyUncle who have and drive a Monster Truck and have a show out there Saturday. Should be fun! The earmuffs are packed!


THopgood said...

Oh I just LOVE that last photo!

ps - Loved the story about the "park & ride"!

pss - my daughter wouldn't trust the life preserver either until the VERY last visit to the pool at the very end of summer. I hope she remembers this summer!

Mandy said...

That pool rocks! I wanna go!!! It's better than the pool here at our condo!!! Glad to see you had a nice time. One more day here at the beach. :( Oh well. We'll be back in July.

By the the Twinkeys on the bar.

We are THAT Family said...

The photos were GREAT and I bet the memories are too. That's why we do it!

Heather J. said...

What fun!
The disco ball is fantabulous.
Love the pictures.
Can I come next time?

Kellan said...

What a great trip - what fun!!!! Great pictures.

Have a good evening - Kellan

Jenni said...

Oh, isn't it the greatest when one finally learns to let go of mom and trust the floaties?

Last summer was the first summer in 5 years I could actually sit on the side of the pool and not be in the water.

This summer? Not so much.

justmylife said...

Sonds like a great time! Congrats to the new swimmer!

Shari said...

That looks like a great way to wear out the kids so they'd go to sleep. All that activity!!

Summer's coming soon and then the kids can go to the public pool. They loved it last year.