Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol--Top 8

Michael--Dream On--This totally was not his best song, but I enjoyed the chorus. The screeching was a reach, though. I think he wants to be a rocker and isn't really liking the bluesy R&B category they're trying to say he is, but it's time to face the music, sweetie. Heh. **Did Paula actually say her Chihuahuas would join him on stage? Someone should've told her that her Chihuahuas were jumping outta her shirt!! And they totally had the nipple area fuzzed out the entire time she was in a shot (when they weren't filming her from the cleavage up, making her look like she was sitting there all naked, that is).

Syesha--I Believe--She did really well. When they announced it I was like "Oh, no, she dinnint! A Fantasia song??!? On American fuhreaking Idol??" But I think Syesha did really well with it. And it was the first time I actually thought she connected with the audience. KingKong still doesn't like the 'fro, but I think she rocks it.

Jason--Somewhere Over the Rainbow--The best of the night??!? Come the hell on, Randy. I know you ladies dig it. But I don't. Sorry. Please don't hate me. I guess I can't see paying lotsa bucks to go see a guy and his untuned yucalele when you can see it on any corner of New York. JMO.

KristyLee--Anyway--I think she finally sang her best. I don't recall her initial auditions, or Hollywood week, but of all the Top 24 shows so far, this was her best. Seriously, I was really becoming worried she had lockjaw or something. She only ever held a high note loooooooooooooooong, never actually high. But finally, tonight, she hit it, atleast a bit higher. I still think she could go bigger if she let herself, but it was good! Enough to keep her outta the bottom 3? Hmmm. I don't think so...just cause she has so much great talent surrounding her and after Carrie Underwood won (being a country girl), I think the country fans' loyalty lies with her and this country girl (Kristy) isn't getting the votes she deserves from them.

David Cook--Innocence--You know who else hit it tonight? Not David Cook, but Simon, with his word "Pompous." It did seem pompous. I didn't hate the white jacket, but I could not hear his words for the first verse, they were all slurred and ew. I think it got to his head again, like it did his 2nd week on the show when Simon told him "I don't think that was as good as you thought it was." Ditto. Still think he's #1 though!! And Randy liked his package. *snicker* The hand thing was cute, though.

Carly--Show Must Go On--Not that good. I do think she chose better pants, but her high note bites. Sorry, but it does, and it sounds the same everytime she tries it. There's no note, it's just this weird screechy noise. I enjoy her singing, but I don't know how America took it. If they react like the audience didn't, it won't be pretty for her. There was like no applause or booing at Simon even. I think we all secretly agreed with him. And what was going on behind him when he was speaking??!? Oh, and I think it's time for Carly to find a shirt with sleeves. I know she's prolly proud of her ink, but let's change it up a little, huh?

Archuleta--Eh. That's all I got. Eh. I liked it better when Jessica Simpson did it. I know he goes for the songs with a message, but I wonder what category of music he'll end up with when this season is over. I really think, again, that it's gonna be church-y. **PS...I have noticed he's cut back on the liplicking these past coupla weeks. Did you see that little girl holding a sign saying "Lick those Lips!" What was she, like, 8 years old??!?

Brooke--What happened? That really wasn't good at all. It was kind of a karaoke version of that song, and I probably would have loved it at a karaoke BAR, but no alcohol tonight, I'm saving up for this weekend. Heh. Plus, she's totally depressed. I think she wants to go home.

So...bottom three...Carly, Brooke (hopefully you spared Kristy), and Syesha. I think Syesha is going home, just cause Kristy did so good and America hasn't been accepting Syesha so much. I would've said Carly based on just tonight's performance, but she's been consistent all along.

See ya Syesha.

PS If you have an AI recap, Boomama has a Mr. Linky up for all us addicts ;o) Thank you Boomama!


Headless Mom said...

Thanks for visiting me...

Yeah, really weird night all around. Even thought we don't agree on all, we do agree on Carly!

See ya next week!

MSM said...

Thank you thank you thank you for saying that Carly needs to wear a shirt with sleeves! NOBODY goes sleeveless that consistently. . . I know it's the tattoo, but every night?

And thanks for visiting my blog; love your bloggie name and pic!