Monday, May 5, 2008

Greedy Little MonkeyButt

After T-ball the other night, we took the Monkeys to Arby's cause we wanted fast food, but we wanted something a little different (read: less nugget-shaped). $28.46 later, our bellies were full. *sigh*

Until, KingKong remembered the sign on the window for Chocolate Turnovers. He took SpiderMonkey to the car while CuriousGeorge, MonkeyButt and I ordered four. One for me, one for KingKong, one for CuriousGeorge, and one for MonkeyButt. It was late and the kiddos fell asleep in the car, so we decided that instead of chocolate marshmallowy cereal for breakfast, they might as well just have the chocolate turnovers.

Chocolate.HEAVEN. For real. You HAVE to go get some!!

KingKong forgot them in the car (which thankfully the night temps are the temps of the inside of the refridgerator anyway), so before the monkeys got up the next morning, I ran out and got them. And I ate one. Okay, two. Y.U.M!

The next day, when we were out running errands...

MonkeyButt: Mom, we should go to Arby's and get more of those
Choc-ohhhhhh-late Turn-ohhhh-vers (with crazy
I-wanna-be-eating-sugar-lots-n-lots-of-sugar eyes)

LadyKong: Oh, really? (I could just picture the chocolate
handprints the three of them would be placing on my car seats and

MonkeyButt: Ya, we should get four... one for me, one for
CuriousGeorge, one for SpiderMonkey, and... another one for ME!

LadyKong: *gasp* What about me??!?


Anna said...

Yum! We don't have any Arby's I've never tried their turnovers...BUT...if you take regular Pillsbury (or store brand) cresent rolls and roll them up with chocolate chips in the center, and then brush them with melted butter and sprinkle a little sugar on top before you bake them off...well that makes a mighty delcicious treat indeed!

Mandy said...

Yum! Another thing to eat that is made of chocolate!!

iheartchocolate said...

PLEASE??? I want one too, SO bad, you just DON'T even KNOW!! (with the same inflection Dane Cook uses)

justmylife said...

Don't you know Moms don't rate good food? We get the leftovers. They do sound good though.

iheartchocolate said...

meee? You picked me? I am totally verklemped. (how do you spell that?)
I totally go picture crazy too. I use online albums and vimeo, but everything feels so scattered and disorganized. I really WAnt to save everything onto some disks, but I am just too friggan lazy to get to it. If you don't use vimeo, it's pretty neat. You can include a badge on your sidebar that shows the first scene of each video. You should totally check it out. But you probably already know all that.

KATE said...

Yum & oh crap one more thing I just HAVE to go check out! Yum again!