Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Walks

I've been picking up the big Monkeys after school and we've been strolling around town. It's our new thing. They've really enjoyed it. Although, I keep reminding them that the further we get from the car, we still have to walk ALL the way back. They've done great! The Twinkeys even fall asleep in the stroller eventually, which is something SpiderMonkey has never done...still doesn't. *sigh*

I love, love, loooove my new stroller...for outdoor walks anyway. It rolls and turns so easy! I've not attempted a Walmart trip with it, though, and honestly don't see that happening. The aisles just aren't wide enough for this sucker!

My View
Those little specks on the bench are the big Monkeys. I couldn't get over how tall the trees were back there!

That trail is the only one in town that has a gravel path wide and smooth enough for bikes and strollers. All 1/2 a mile of it. Woohoo! It's a cute, short walk and then we come out on the sidewalk and go up through town, after I scare the bejesus out of them gently remind them that we are very near moving traffic. I like to wear my superstar shades so I can people watch.

The big Monkeys refused to move 'til I took their pics on this.

Hams. The sign behind CuriousGeorge says Triplet Park. There are three little gazebos with benches back there (more below).

8+ years ago January, a large white farmhouse with a big wraparound porch was on this property. A couple lived there with their one year old daughter and triplet autistic sons. I believe they were six-years old at the time. KingKong grew up with the parents. The father was away trucking. A fire started in the old house and the mom was only able to get out with the daughter. She attempted to go back in for the boys, but was met at the door with the fast-moving flames and smoke. Neighbors tried to get in as well, but no one could. The triplets died in the fire. It is believed that each of their remains was found in their favorite hiding spots in the house.
My childhood best friend's dad was fire chief at the time. He was down the road that day, at the fire pond, trying to free up the frozen water hydrant and had a massive heartattack.
It was a sad and tragic day for both families and the town. The grandparents and town have since raised the Triplet Park. One of the footpaths end there. MonkeyButt was born a year later, just a day shy of the one-year anniversary of the fire. The triplets mom was in the waiting area and left a guardian angel pin for us.
I told the big Monkeys about the Triplets that day, because they asked what the sign was for when we walked through and took a break there. I'm thinking as I type this that we're in need of a followup conversation, though, because the grandparents are our landlords and while we have reminisced about the triplets with them on a few occasions, I wouldn't want the boys to bring it up rudely.

Sorry for the downer. I wasn't expecting this post to go there.
I think I might finally be caught up with these picture posts. Almost. Just thought of another one. ;o)


Mandy said...

What a sad story. I couldn't imagine the grief.

KATE said...

Wow, what a sad/sweet story! I love that you shared it with your boys.

I also love that you wear your rockstar glasses so you can people watch! That is honestly one of my VERY favorite past times!! LOVE. IT.!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a sad story. I can't imagine that mother's pain. It's awesome that they put up a park as a memorial though.
Love all the pics, looks like a fun outing.

justmylife said...

What a sad story. It looks like a fun outing though. And the monkeys getting to hear the story, that was special. Love the pics!